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1 year old CAke SMaSh

September 29, 2016

Cake smash birthday photos have become all the rage for babies, especially at their 1st birthday parties.  What is a cake smash photo shoot? It involves photographing a child indulging in cake however they wish; beyond that, no two cake smash shoots are exactly alike.  The session can vary quite a bit depending upon the […]


Pet photography in utah

I could never get all my puppies to sit and pose for me. I finally got around to creating this image for my publisher today. I took a pic of each puppy, (when i still had them all) then composed all the individual puppy pics into one image.  Ahhh, what good little puppies. ( yes, […]


Newborn photography

September 27, 2016

A newborn is the start of all things – hope, and a dream of possibilities…