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Payment Plan Available at Tanya Hovey Photography. Tanya Hovey Photography.

Payment Plan Available at Tanya Hovey Photography

June 4, 2015

Yes, we offer a payment plan.  This is how it works:

We break up your total bill into 3 monthly payments.

At your photo shoot you will pay 1/3rd of your total bill.  We take information from 2 of your credit cards.  (One to charge and one as a back up if the first one does not work.)

You sign a contract agreeing to pay.   You select the 2 days you want us to charge your card the next 2 months.

After 3 months when you total bill has been paid.  You place your order on the images you want retouched and printed.  We burn you a jump drive and Voilà, you are done.  You were able to get your photos taken in the moments you needed.  You received the highest quality of photography you were wishing for and were able to spread the cost out to be softer on your checkbook.

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