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THP 2018 Senior Models at Antelope Island. Tanya Hovey Photography.

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Welcome 2018 THP Senior Model – Tori

April 27, 2017

Announcing the beautiful Tori to our 2018 THP Senior Modeling team.  Tori will be our representative from Viewmont High School.  She has been on the Viewmont tennis team for the past 3 years and will be joining the tennis team next year for her senior year.  Tori has traveled around the country and world.  She just returned from a fascinating trip from Rome last month.  Tori is a natural in front of the camera.   No matter what expression she gives me, its beautiful!

welcome model team TORI lr

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Welcome 2018 THP Senior Model – Atalie

Of course we have to have my daughter Atalie as one of our 2018 THP Senior Models.  This is probably the reason I have taken such a passion with senior photography.  Because my oldest daughter is quickly approaching 2018 graduation next year from Davis High School.  Atalie is a natural in front of the camera.  She always has been.  Its been a born talent for her.  I definitely did not teach her to pose.  Atalie loves sushi but hates plain fish.  She works at Fiiz and loves it!  Atalie loves to spend her whole paycheck on clothes!  Atalie will be a huge asset to my model team next year.

(Atalie has been sick so we only got one head shot to share this time around)

welcome model team ATALIE lr

Welcome 2018 THP Senior Model – Anna

I’m super excited to announce Anna as one of our 2018 THP senior models!  Anna is currently attending Davis High School.  Anna loves art and painting.  Shes a city girl!  She is also a huge science nerd.  Anna wants to go into the medical field once she is out of high school.  I’m excited to get to know Anna better this next year.  LOVE her blond hair, blue eyes and pink lips.  She is GORGEOUS!


welcome model team ANNA lr

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